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All pets are comfortably crated in our commercial vehicles which are safe, smoke-free, clean, and insured. 

​Well, its not like they can drive themselves​!

Let us get them there safely!

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Pet Transport Service

Fido Fitness and Play

Pet Transport Service - Dog Transport - Pet Transport in Washington


We charge a flat rate anywhere within the DC Metropolitan Area. The rate is limited to one location per trip. 

  • One way -$25.00
  • Round trip - $50.00

Emergency service begins at $100.00.

Wait time is an additional cost. Rates include up to two animals.

All services must be pre-paid. 

Why spend a vacation day going to the vet or groomer when there's Fido Fitness and Play Pet Taxi Services? Whether it's to the vet, airport, groomer or elsewhere, we'll transport your pet to their destination safely. ​Let us take care of all your pet's transportation needs - Both emergency and non emergency. 

Cancellation Policy 

While there's more to our policy, here's the short and sweet:

To avoid the pet taxi charge, cancellations made within at least 48 hours of their time slot will receive a full refund. Cancellations made without the minimum 48 hour notice will incur a non-refundable 20% service charge.